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Ultimate Gas Conversions

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2/2 Amayla Crescent , Carrum Downs VIC 3201

Also Services: Cranbourne and Frankston

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Business Overview

Ultimate Gas Conversions are experts in top quality LPG gas conversions, LPG service, tuning are repairs to all makes and models as well as all mechanical servicing and repairs.


2 Customer Reviews

Damon installed a gas conversion on my Toyota over five years ago and its still running perfectly. Hes extremely knowledgeable and explains things in a way thats easy to understand. Hes genuinely passionate about what he does and takes pride in doing things properly, the first time. Hes a friendly guy who really knows his stuff.
I recently had my car coverted to gas at Ultimate Gas Conversions. I am SO happy with the results. They were fast and efficient and very helpful. I found that the staff were very confident with their knowledge and very friendly. I was able to claim the rebate and as a result, it didnt cost me very much money. I am already noticing the savings. I recommend switching to gas and the best place to go is Ultimate Gas Conversions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will LPG gas be harmful to my engine?

For the most part....No.

On some engines that do not have hardened valve seats in the cylinder head LPG can be a little harsh on them and lead to whats known as valve seat recession. On the few vehicles that we know this to be an issue we fit an upper cylinder lubrication system along with the conversion and this eliminates this from hapenning. Apart from that LPG will actually be better for your engine and can make it last longer as it is a clean burning fuel with no left over hydrocarbons/unburnt fuel, which can damage catalytic converters and foul up engine intake including valves, combustion chamber and exhaust system. The engine oil is kept much cleaner due to no unburnt fuel blowing past the piston rings and entering the oil system. This dilutes oil making it break down quicker and less effective in lubricating the engine and turns it black quicker due to carbon contamination.

Generally your engine will also run smoother and quieter on LPG and perform better when taking off and in start/stop driving situations due to improved low down torque and smoother torque curve.


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Monday 08:30am to 05:30pm
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