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Hollydeen Motors take great pride in offering their clients personalised, and friendly service at all times.
14 Common Rd, Muswellbrook NSW 2333
Since 1987. Formally Aussie Brake and Clutch & Aussie spring and suspension
Cnr Commercial & Industry Drv, Caboolture QLD 4510
Also Services: Caboolture
Lou Owen Autos specialises in Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Installation, Auto Electrical, and Auto Repairs and is located in Golden Square, VIC.
5A Laurel Street, Golden Square VIC 3555
Rotech Automotive is based in Devonport, TAS and specialises in Auto Electrical, Auto Repairs, and Brake Repairs.
76 Hiller Street, Devonport TAS 7310
We do all types of mechanical repairs from your general service to factory logbook servicing and specialised vehicle services and repairs.
42 Hardie St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Also Services: Darlinghurst
Lawrence`s Garage & Brake Service specialises in Auto Repairs, Brake Repairs, and Car Brakes & Clutch and is located in Gunnedah, NSW.
60 Conadilly St, Gunnedah NSW 2380
Specialising in Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Installation, Auto Electrical, and Auto Repairs, Gerry Wubbels Automatics is located in Gateshead, NSW.
17 Pacific Hwy, Gateshead NSW 2290
Bentley Auto Repairs specialises in Auto Electrical, Auto Repairs, and Brake Repairs and is located in Miami, QLD.
4/31 Hillcrest Pde, Miami QLD 4220
Specialising in Auto Electrical, Auto Repairs, and Car Tyres, Daddows Noosa Motors Pty Ltd is located in Noosaville, QLD.
7 Project Ave, Noosaville QLD 4566
Your vehicle is your pride and joy so bring it to the best place in Hervey Bay for mechanical and auto electrical repairs and servicing.
20 Pialba Rd, Torquay QLD 4655
Also Services: Torquay
Downs Automotive Service is based in Toowoomba West, QLD and specialises in Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Installation, Auto Electrical, and Auto Repairs.
17 Robertson Street, Toowoomba West QLD 4350
Specialising in Auto Electrical, Auto Electrical Repairs, and Auto Repairs, Sikorski Auto Repairs is located in Glossop, SA.
Sturt Highway, Glossop SA 5344
Specialising in Auto Repairs and Servicing, Belmore Auto Pit is located in Narwee, NSW.
41 Broad arrow Road, Narwee NSW 2209
Specialising in Auto Electrical, Auto Repairs, and Car Tyres, B & E Doherty P/L Mechanical Repairs is located in Wauchope, NSW.
57 High Street, Wauchope NSW 2446
Chevalier Automotive Service & Repair take great pride in offering their clients personalised, and friendly service at all times.
2 Mt Barker Road, Mount Barker Summit SA 5251
Hartrick European Automotive is based in Surrey Hills, VIC and specialises in Auto Repairs, Automotive Services, and Log Book Servicing.
99-101 Union Rd, Surrey Hills VIC 3127
Specialising in Servicing, Toowong Mitsubishi is located in Toowong, QLD.
601 Milton Rd, Toowong QLD 4066
Auto Care - Minto specialises in Auto Electrical, Auto Repairs, and Car Brakes & Clutch and is located in Minto Heights, NSW.
1 Lincoln Street, Minto Heights NSW 2566


Service and maintenance is a major part of a mechanic's job, and all machines need servicing throughout their lifespan. Correct service can keep your vehicle performing properly and avoid malfunction, so it's important to pay attention to vehicle service.

There is a wide range of mechanics out there for different vehicles, such as the following:

  • Car Service
  • Mobile Mechanic
  • Fuel Injection
  • Motorcycle Service
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Truck Service

Most service is cost-effective and involves basic things like oil and filter changes and preventative maintenance. A good maintenance schedule is imperative, and occasionally, you will have to perform a major service and replace crucial moving parts. Take the time to browse our pages dedicated to service and discover all you need to know about maintenance and service.

Do I Really Need To Service My Vehicle?

Performing regular service and maintenance is essential for the longevity and reliability of your vehicle. Many people neglect servicing their vehicle properly because of the up-front expense of regular servicing, and even over a period of years, your vehicle may run without a serious service.

However, the damage you could be doing to your vehicle will show in the years to come, and what should have been a $100-200 expense every once in a while may now cost you thousands all at once in the event of major repair work. You may find the vehicle never fully returns to its proper state.

Oil and fluids are your vehicle's lifeblood, and proper servicing will have your car performing better, returning better economy (saving you further money) and running for longer. That is not mention reliability issues and roadworthiness. Work out a servicing schedule, and plan to service your vehicle as an essential point of ownership.

How Often Should I Go For A Service?

Usually, your manufacturer will recommend a guideline for servicing. Always follow your manufacturer instructions to guarantee proper performance. However, there is a common sense element to the frequency you need to service a vehicle.

If you are planning a long trip, or your vehicle is under constant, heavy use, consider adding an additional service. If you notice something strange about your vehicle, have a mechanic check it out and fix any problems before they can do further damage. For most average cars, a service should be performed every six months or 10,000km - whichever comes first. However, this can change under heavy city driving or extreme conditions.

For trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles, the amount of servicing you need to perform can differ on application. A motorcycle used twice every six months will need a different service schedule than a daily commuter, and likewise for different commercial applications for trucks. Speak to a professional mechanic about the amount of servicing your vehicle requires.

How Do I Know Which Mechanic I Need?

Unless you know how to diagnose a vehicle's condition, sometimes it can be hard to understand which type of mechanic you need. Even a standard mechanic may go under different names (motor mechanic, auto mechanic, automotive technician), so it can be difficult to know who is the right mechanic for you.

First, if you are unsure of the problem, a standard motor mechanic should at least be able to diagnose the problem for you. In some cases, they will have to do some work on the vehicle to rule out problems and make a correct diagnosis. Most mechanics will do their best to fix the car for you as quickly and easily as possible. If you are not happy with the quotes or service, use our directory to find a mechanic that suits you.

Ask your mechanic if any parts need to be sent away during repair. For example, a radiator or electrical problem with the vehicle may involve components being sent away. This will normally come at an additional charge, and if you can identify what needs to be fixed before work commences, it may save you money to go directly to a specialist. If you can identify problems or symptoms, you may even be able to gain information over the phone.

It's not always easy choosing the right mechanic, but that is why we are here to help. Most mechanics will do their best to help you with your vehicle and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Search our directory listings to find mechanics that will provide you with top quality service.