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Bob Greenes Auto Repairs specialises in Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Installation, Auto Repairs, and Car Brakes & Clutch and is located in Armidale, NSW.
120 Ohio Street, Armidale NSW 2350
Specialising in Auto Electrical, Auto Repairs, and Brake Repairs, Bailey`s Auto Parts & Repairs is located in Halls Creek, WA.
377 Barry Street, Halls Creek WA 6770
Kununurra 4WD Spares take great pride in offering their clients personalised, and friendly service at all times.
21 Konkerberry Dr, Kununurra WA 6743
At Action Automotive Repairs, we strive to provide our customers with the best service available.
Unit 1, 17 Moss St, Slacks Creek QLD 4127
Also Services: Slacks Creek
Charnock Motors specialises in Auto Repairs, Brake Repairs, and Car Brakes & Clutch and is located in Goulburn North, NSW.
6 Craig Street, Goulburn North NSW 2580
Specialising in Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Installation, Auto Electrical, and Auto Repairs, Memmott`s Automotive is located in Windsor, QLD.
Level 1/14 Cox Road, Windsor QLD 4030
Excellence In Car Services and Repairs
16 Tandem Avenue, Warana Beach QLD 4575
Also Services: Warana Beach
We offer a quick high quality service without the high price tag
114 Compton Road, Woodridge East QLD 4114
Specialising in Auto Electrical, Auto Repairs, and Brake Repairs, Casella Motor Repairs is located in Leichhardt, NSW.
54 Catherine Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040
Greater City Tyre & Auto take great pride in offering their clients personalised and friendly service at all times. Conveniently located in Bendigo, the car service workshop is a member of the Repco Auto Tech training program, ensuring their technicians are kept fully up to date with modern vehicle repair methods.
71 Havilah Road, Bendigo VIC 3550

Auto Repair

Auto repair mechanics are general service and repair specialists trained to work on your vehicle. They can perform a wide variety of tasks from minor services to complex engine rebuilds and diagnostics using modern electronic testing equipment.

An auto repair mechanic will usually display their speciality on the outside of the workshop or on their advertisement, and if you are unsure about the auto repairs for your car, why not call and ask for a quote? There are many reputable auto repairers in Australia, and it is worth getting several quotes until you find a service centre and motor mechanic you can trust.

Tune Up

If the performance of your car is suffering or the vehicle is encountering other running issues, your motor mechanic will most likely be able to perform a tune up. Auto repair mechanics will usually perform various servicing requirements before doing anything else to rule out problems. A car will run best with fresh oil, spark plugs and clean filters, so it's is worth carrying out these minor servicing elements before looking for a more in-depth tune up.

From here, your mechanic may be able to access the car's CPU (if it is modern), and auto mechanics can then adjust fuel ratios to suit your current altitude, climate and other conditions. You can get a tune up to suit premium fuel if you choose to use premium on a full-time basis. For older cars, the same process is achieved by adjusting the carburettor.

Once the timing, moving parts and all the necessary equipment are all in good order, your car's performance should improve to the manufacturer's stated output. You can test a car's performance and finetune a vehicle with the assistance of a dynamometer, which is a device you attach the car to for testing purposes.

A dyno will tell you a vehicle's output in horsepower or kilowatts, will test breaking capacity and will identify many problems a car's operating system can encounter. If you car is experiencing performance problems, consider a motor mechanic with an operational dyno.

A qualified auto repair mechanic can perform all this and more, so when you need to maintain, repair or tune your vehicle, use one of Australia's trusted motor mechanics for auto repairs.