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Associations in the Australian Mechanics Industry

The Australian mechanics industry is home to several major associations, both those that are directly representing mechanics and those that are related to the automotive industry. Here you will find a list and breakdown of Australia's premiere automotive and mechanic industry associations that represent this industry.

Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA)

MTAA is Australia's largest 'stand-alone' small business association in Australia and is a national representative organisation for the repair, retail and service sector of the Australian automotive industry and represents the primary interests for over 100,000 retail motor trade businesses. Operating on a national level means that this association represents over 308,000 automotive jobs and an industry turnover figure level at approximately $160 billion. MTAA represents different state and territory motor trades associations while also being a federation for the Australian Automobile Dealers Association and the Service Station Association Ltd (SSA).

The role of the Association is to:

  • MTAA acts on behalf of members as a liaison to governments, the public and the trades' employees
  • create a communication link between the community and the automotive industry
  • raise awareness of the retail motor trades' significant contribution to the national economy
  • discuss the interests of the retail motor trades with the relevant government bodies
  • create training and work opportunities within education and training authorities, the unions and government
  • work with motor trades' unions for an overall improved working relationship
  • promote and enhance the reputation of the trade

Members of the MTAA Federation

  • The Motor Trades Association of the ACT (MTA ACT)
  • The Motor Traders Association of NSW (MTA NSW)
  • The Motor Trades Association of the Northern Territory (MTA NT)
  • The Motor Trade Association of South Australia (MTA SA)
  • The Motor Trade Association of Western Australia (MTA WA)

These state and territory associations are much the same as the federation association in that they act as an employer's association that aims to assisting in daily issues of the mechanic industry and helping towards the future of the sector. The majority of these associations act on behalf of mechanics, dealerships and any business associated with the automotive industry and handle the majority of issues facing the industry.

Customers dealing with a member of these associations are protected by the MTA Code of Ethics, which has become a standard of behavior for members to follow.

Affiliated Trade Associations (ATAs)

Affiliated Trade Associations of the MTAA are established to represent smaller sub-sections within the automotive industry. Such associations include:

  • Australian Motor Body Repairers Association (AMBRA)
  • Australian Motorcycle Industry Association (AMIA)
  • Australian National Radiator Repairers Association (ANRRA)
  • Australian National Towing Association (ANTA)
  • Australian Service Station and Convenience Store Association (ASSCSA)
  • Australian Tyre Dealers and Retreaders Association (ATDRA)
  • Auto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia (APRAA)
  • Automotive Repairers Association of Australia (ARAA)
  • Automotive Transmission Association of Australia (ATAA)
  • Engine Reconditioners Association of Australia (ERA of A)
  • Farm and Industrial Machinery Dealers Association of Australia (FIMDAA)
  • National Brake Specialists Association (NBSA)
  • National Heavy Vehicle Repairers Association (NHVRA)
  • National Rental Vehicle Association (NRVA)
  • National Steering and Suspension Association (NSSA)
  • National Vehicle Airconditioning Association (NVAA)

All of the ATA's listed above are composed of the relevant sections of each of the MTAA Member bodies and are represented, at a national level, by MTAA.

Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers (FAPM)

The Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers is an association that represents manufacturers within the automotive products industry and is recognised by politicians, government officials and the industry as the "The Voice of the Automotive Components Industry". The association currently represents 83 member companies and deals with State and Federal Governments, the Department of Industry, Science and Research, Innovation and vehicle builders and construction when discussing issues facing employers and employees working within the industry.

Other related associations and representative bodies

Australian Automobile Association

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) was created to and represents the interests of all Australian motorists while also supporting and coordinating activities of its constituent motoring clubs. The AAA accredits itself as an ensuring Australian motoring clubs provide a diverse range of quality services to its 6.3 million members across Australia.

Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct

Created as a code of conduct to encourage cohesive working relationships between smash repairers and insurance companies with the principle objective being one of informed, effective and cooperative relationships. The Code clearly encourages fair-trading between Insurers and Repairers with efficient, accessible and transparent dispute resolution processes outlined with repairers and mechanics agreeing to complete all vehicle repairs in a method that guarantees safety, structural integrity, presentation and utility of the vehicle are restored.