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Mobile Mechanics


Advantages of Mobile Mechanics

Mobile mechanics are able to offer extra benefits with their ability to come to the customer wherever they are.

Most car owners have experienced that awful feeling when you jump in your car only to find that it just won't start. Sometimes this can happen in the morning when you are running late for work, or sometimes late at night in a car park. Either way, you suddenly find yourself without transport, in need to a tow and a way to get back home or to your destination.

This is where mobile mechanics come in.

Mobile mechanics are those that are able to travel to wherever the customer and their vehicle are, and have both the experience and tools to fix the majority of mechanical issues, or at least diagnose the problem and arrange for transport of the vehicle to a garage for more complex mechanical, auto electrical or transmission problems.

For those who have not used the services of a mobile mechanic before, the main advantage is that fact that you can have your vehicle repaired or serviced while you work or while at home, with mobile mechanics objectives being to repair your vehicle quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

There is a great number of mechanics who cater for the mobile mechanics industry with many people now opting for this service over regular mechanical services due to the sheer convenience for relatively simple mechanical issues.

Below is a list of such problems that a mobile mechanic would be equipped to repair:

  • Electrical repairs
  • Air conditioning recharging and repairs
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Transmission repairs
  • Engine repairs
  • Transmission oil leaks
  • Misfires
  • Air conditioning blows warm air
  • Fluctuating idle
  • Engine lights lit
  • Squealing noises
  • Won't start
  • Electrical shorts
  • Alternator problems
  • Fuel injection issues
  • Brake problems
  • Tune-ups
  • Engine knocking

Mobile mechanics operate across most areas of the country with a greater number located around the capital cities, meaning that a service unit is usually close by when the call for roadside assistance or breakdown service is made.

Most mobile mechanics are equipped and trained to perform any Car Repair or Car Service, 4WD Service or Repair and light Commercial Service or Repair with many being able to be performed immediately at roadside, at home or work. Mobile mechanics will generally charge either a fixed price up front cost for on-the-spot repairs or a Repair Call Out cost with an hourly rate in 15 minute increments.

From a business standpoint, being a mobile mechanic can also present several major advantages in that it can be a solo business with no employees or part of a franchise such as Lube Mobile, with a wide market reaches - basically your customers are anyone who has a vehicle.

Mobile mechanics pair the advantage of motor repair experience with the convenience of on-the-spot and come-to-you repairs.