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CB Autocare

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1B Amelia Street, Waterloo NSW 2017

Also Services: Eastern Suburbs, Sydney and Sydney Inner Suburbs

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Business Overview

Experts in taking care of your car and motorbike! Whether its a service or smash repairs we'll take care of your vehicle.


1 Customer Review

Went to these guys for a second opinion. Got a great alternative, cheaper price and done quickly. Then had a follow-up issue. One of the guys looked at it for me after hours same-day. No charge. Great service - recommend these guys for motorcycle servicing and repairs.

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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by CB Autocare.

karoll coggiola cheing , Sydney
Karoll Coggiola Cheing posted toCB Autocare 14 March near Lakemba Thanks Sean for helping me out today, you're the best! I'll let you know how it all goes.
ben donachie , Sydney
Ben Donachie posted to CB Autocare 7 March near Sydney Thanks again sean Love your work... Can't get over how much better the fairings look ay
Alex Malyon , Sydney
Alex Malyon I just wanted to thank CB Autocare for rechecking and adjusting my bike , after a thouragh service I took it for new tyres the unnamed fitter (pm me if you want to know who) scratched my swingarms both sides with an unadjusted race stand and loosened my wheel alignment bolts so my rear tyre was out of line only hours after it had been set all nuts were loosened and then tightened with a shifter and were way over torqued CB Autocare kindley fixed everything for free Ps they called me a week after the service just to make sure i was happy with my bike and after telling them what the tyre fitter had done they offered the safety check to me , I did not ask I will be taking my bike and all my cars to them from now on They also have a pannel shop for bike and car repairs how convenient :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service motorbikes?

Absolutely!  CB Autocare services both motorbikes & cars in our workshop at Waterloo.  Why do we do both I hear you ask? Our team has a passion for both cars & motorbikes but motorbikes hold a special place in their hearts.

Why should I have my vehicle serviced by CB Autocare?

It is important to have your vehicle serviced regularly as it keeps your vehicle running efficiently, can reduce fuel consumption, but also helps minimise costly repairs.  CB Autocare are known for their quality work and technical expertise and offer a range of services to suit cars & motorbikes at very competitive prices.

Will I be shown what will be done to my vehicle when it is serviced?

CB Autocare believes being transparent is the best approach to business that means you know exactly what will be done to your vehicle when we service it. Not only that we will show you any part/s we replaced when you collect your vehicle & you can even taken them home as souvenirs.

What if there is a major problem with my vehicle?

In the event that we find a major problem with your vehicle, CB Autocare will ALWAYS consult you before we undertake any costly repairs.  We never assume anything, so until you give us the go ahead no repairs will be done guaranteed!

Do you fix problems that other workshops have repaired unsuccessfully?

Actually our workshop is renown for fixing these kinds of repairs.  Our customers have typically tried several repairers usually at great expense before coming to us & having the problem resolved.

Will my new car warranty be affected if I service my car with CB Autocare?

CB Autocare guarantees that only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are used to ensure your new car warranty is not compromised.

Will my new car warranty be affected if I service my car with CB Autocare?

CB Autocare guarantees that only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are used to ensure your new car warranty is not compromised.

How often should I have my brakes serviced?

Brakes are probably the single most important part in your vehicle and should be serviced on average every 30,000 – 40,000kms.  This is however dependent on the number of kilometers the car travels so may need to be done more regularly for those that travel extensively with their vehicle.

Why do my brakes squeak or grind?

If your brakes are squealing or grinding, it is important to have them checked right away.  Continuous squeals or grinding sounds may mean it’s time for new pads or shoes. Worn brakes can mean longer stopping distances and difficulty stopping in emergency situations.

Why do my brakes need to be flushed?

Ideally you should have your brakes flushed every 2-3 years because braking systems aren't indestructible. Over time the brake fluid will become contaminated by bits of rubber & rust from the system. Plus, the fluid itself can get old and worn out. All this adds up to a brake system with compromised effectiveness and decreased stopping power.  Think of it this way: You wouldn't skip changing your car's engine oil, right? It's the lifeblood of your engine, and when impurities contaminate it, you put the entire engine at risk. It's the same with brake fluid. Let it get dirty and you won't be able to stop as well.

What do I do if I have a problem with a repair?

CB Autocare guarantees all our repairs & in the unfortunate event that a repair was not completed to our high standards we are more than happy to fix the repair free of charge.  All customer invoices are kept electronically so you don’t even need to bring your invoice with you.  All we need is the date of the repair & we will take care of the rest, giving you peace of mind.

Do you do Pink Slips?

CB Autocare is an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS).  We are authorized to

carry out inspections for the following vehicle classes:

  • Safety Check
  • All Light Vehicles
  • e-Safety Check


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