Rental Car Breakdown? Follow These Tips!

January 30, 2013

When it comes to exploring the abundant travel destinations of Australia, many would argue that driving is by far the best way to do so. As opposed to traveling with a tour group, driving allows you to visit the places that interest you personally, you can set the pace for your Aussie Adventure! This is why many tourists choose to rent cars through  booking companies such as Expedia.

However, vehicles – even rental vehicles – can at times suffer from mechanical mishaps. What then should a traveler do in the instance that their rented vehicle breaks down? Following these tips will help you solve any problems quickly and allow you to resume your holiday!

Stay Calm

At the first sign of a mechanical problem, your first step should always be to keep calm and remain in control of the situation; take a deep breath, don't panic – you need to remain calm and rational in order to avoid any serious damage to the car or yourself.

Get to the Curb

As soon as you realize that there may be something wrong with your vehicle, try to get yourself – along with the vehicle, of course - safely to the side of the road. This allows you and your rental to get out of the active traffic lane and onto a safer area where you may assess your situation in a more relaxed environment. As a precaution, try to pull over onto the shoulder at a straightaway: this would make your vehicle more visible to any traffic, as well as easier for you to get back on the road once your car working fine again.

Hazard Lights ON

One of the more important aspects about your rental car should be knowing where your hazard lights switch is located. Once you pull your vehicle to a stop, turn on your hazard lights to warn off other drivers, and keep your vehicle more visible.

Assess the Situation

Once you’ve come to a complete stop and have turned on your hazard lights, you can then assess your situation clearly. Try to stay in your vehicle at all times unless you notice any signs of smoke or fire.

Contact Your Rental Company

As is typical with most car rental companies, a number should be provided for instances where your rented vehicle breaks down. Rental companies typically make arrangements with repair shops all over their area to provide service for such instances. It is important that you contact the number you are given to lessen the chance of incurring any additional expenses.

About the guest author:

Elizabeth is a traveler who has driven across many parts of Australia and has experienced a car breakdown more than once.