The Best iPhone Apps for Your Car

Posted on January 30, 2013 by

With over 700,000 apps in the App Store (and counting), it’s practically guaranteed that there's an app for almost anything you can think of, even your car. It can be a chore to search for car and driving apps though, so we decided to scour it for your benefit. Here are the best iPhone car apps that we found.

Google Maps

Forget about Apple’s wonky map app; if you’re looking for the best iPhone apps for your car, the first thing you need to download is Google Maps. Here’s the surprising part: the iPhone version is currently even better than the Android version. The interface is simpler and easier to use; it gives you live traffic information; 360-degree street views; and there’s a voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, as a GPS should.

Australian Road Trip

Going on the road down under? Then be sure to download the Australian Road Trip app on your iPhone. The app lets you find accommodations, walking trails, historic sites, places to eat, picnic spots, national parks, off-road tracks, museums, wineries, where to set up camp—pretty much all places you should stop by when on a road trip. Australian Road Trip costs $4.49, but the information it provides is worth every cent.

Car Butler

If Australian Road Trip is for outdoor adventures, Car Butler is for the car and driver. Here’s what the app can do: it locates gas stations, recommended body shops, parking lots, car wash facilities, and good auto mechanics; records the location of your parked car and alerts you if your metre time has expired; informs you about the weather and local traffic condition; and you can even report and find out about car accidents. Here’s the kicker: Car Butler is mind-bogglingly free.

Driver Reviver

Don’t you just hate it when you’re tired on the road and there’s not a stop in sight? Good news—with the Driver Reviver app, you can now plan your trips and find out the location of the nearest Driver Reviver rest stops, where you can take a much-needed break and have some free refreshments. You can even find out if the rest stop has a toilet, picnic table, BBQ and/or a shade.


Do you know your way around cars? You wouldn’t believe what this app can do. Dynolicious is a real-time, automotive performance tool; in other words, a handheld dynamometer. It accurately measures your car’s real-time acceleration, lateral G, braking G, estimated engine horsepower, and a variety of other tests for gearheads. Just make sure you enter your vehicle’s weight first. The classic version costs $4.99 while the Fusion version is at $9.99—pretty cheap compared to a real life dynamometer, which costs thousands of dollars.


Like other apps mentioned earlier, Trapster gives you live traffic updates and tells you about accidents up ahead. The difference is that it can also warn you about speed cameras, red lights, speed traps, and other road hazards, even if the app isn’t running. Trapster will also inform you about your current speed and the speed limit. Did we mention the app is free?

Fill My Tank

Fill My Tank shows you the location and petrol prices of fuel stations near you. The app’s content is crowd-sourced, meaning the information is updated by the people that download it. Currently, Fill My Tank has almost 5,000 petrol stations listed in Australia. You can search by distance or price. And yes, it’s free.