Must-Have Car Gadgets

How far will you go to make your car look good and stay make sure it stays in top shape?I think that it is pretty safe to say that car enthusiasts will go to great lengths to ensure that their car continues performing well - and that it continues to look good. More than the car’s engine and paint job, though, there are many other things that you can pay attention to so that your ride will always be a pleasant one. Enter gadgets, which have become so advanced that they have changed the course of driving. Here are some of those gagdets, which anyone who spends a decent amount of time on the road should have.

GPS Device

You may have the flashiest car in the world. It may even rank among the fastest. But what if you have absolutely no sense of direction, and you can’t read maps for crap? (Yes, those people do exist.) You can thank whatever gods may be for technology then. GPS devices have saved the butts of countless motorists, even in their own cities. You do need to get one that excels both in terms of hardware and software so that you don’t have to swallow your pride and stop to ask for directions.

Reversing Camera

There are good drivers, and there are drivers who need some assistance. If you belong to the second group, or you simply want the maximum in terms of safety, then a reversing camera should be part of your arsenal. As the name says, the device lets you see what’s behind you when backing up. They used to be expensive, but you can find affordable units these days.

Smartphone Holder

Don’t text and drive. We all know that. But a smartphone can double as a navigation tool or a music player. If you use your smartphone in-car, then you ought to have a nice smartphone clamp or holder that will stay steady while you’re driving, and at the same time not distract you or get in the way.

Backseat TV

Notice that I added “backseat”. I am all for providing in-car entertainment, but I really think that frontseat TVs pose a lot of risk to everyone in the car. As such, I think a backseat device ought to do the job for the kids during a road trip. Tom Gunn has been a car enthusiast since he was a kid. He continues to lovingly take care of his several cars and adorns them with the newest gadgets he can find. His number one gadget is a GPS device, and he recommends compare GPS navigation tools before purchasing one.