Why Check and Photograph the Car You Rent

Renting a car is a very convenient option for tourists wishing to explore the country they’re visiting without the time constraints imposed by group tours. It lets you travel at your own pase and allows you to go to remote areas not frequented by other tourists.

If you happen to be in Australia, you’re fortunate to have a wide variety of car rental companies to choose from.

But while you have many options to choose from, there are a number of important things to keep in mind when renting a car.

These tips should come in handy particularly if it’s your first time renting a car.

Test drive the car if possible and bring along the company’s staff or auto mechanic. This will enable you to determine if you’re comfortable driving it or not. It’s an opportunity as well for you to ask questions from the mechanic to learn more about the car’s condition. It will also let you know if the vehicle is running properly not only in terms of its engine but as well as its air conditioning and heating system.

Check the exterior and interior of the car. It is your right to do so being a customer. On the outside, find out if the vehicle has existing scratches and dents. This will let you avoid charges later for scratches and dings you did not cause.

On the interior, also check for existing stains, unpleasant odor and other signs of damage on the seat covers. If you think the car smells of cigarette smoke and you don’t like that, you can request for another vehicle.

An important step you should not forget is to photograph both the exterior and interior of the car using your mobile or smart phone or your digital camera. This will protect you in the event the company charges you for slight damages when you return the car. There have been many cases of clients made to pay for damages they did not even cause all because of their failure to double check the condition of the vehicle they rented. But with a photograph as proof, you can be sure not to be duped.

Although rental car companies have their own mechanics that maintain their fleet, you still need to be responsible for personally checking the vehicle. It’s better to be sure and safe than feel sorry in the end.

About the Author:

Elizabeth makes it a point to have her car checked regularly at the mechanic shop. For car-related services including cars for hire, she turns to expedia.com.au.