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Rockingham WA 6168

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Business Overview

Autospections is a vehicle inspection company that specialise in carrying out mobile vehicle inspections in the Perth Metro area.


3 Customer Reviews

Dear Todd, Thank you for the inspection that you did on the car that I bought for my teenage daughter. Your phone call immediately after the inspection was very much appreciated, as was the prompt, thorough and detailed report that you emailed. The report was informative, well set-out and easy to follow, giving me the confidence to negotiate the purchase with the dealer.
I thought I knew a fair bit around cars but was a little unsure about a 4wd Jeep I liked the look of. The inspection pulled up many defects including extensive poorly repaired accident damage. Very glad I used them, saved me a small fortune.
Absolutely fantastic service, had my car inspected 9 months ago and they picked up quite a few things I did not pick up myself after looking thoroughly. Having had the car for 9 months now it's still going great and haven't had any problems that were not noticed by the autospections report! Great service, highly recommended.

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Senior Inspector


In 1989 I started my automotive apprenticeship at Shacks Holden. The work there involved servicing and repairing most types of vehicles mainly Holdens. In my spare time I restored a few vintage cars for myself. I then moved to Dixon’s Auto Tuning in Rockingham, working on all makes and models including European vehicles, Japanese imports, petrol and diesel vehicles, tractors and even golf carts! One of my favorite things there was working on rally cars and restoring older cars. When the owner was away I ran the business and enjoyed the interaction with customers and also helping in the training of apprentices. In 2002 I started at the RAC as a Vehicle Inspector and later became the Senior Inspector which included a lot of time as acting supervisor. I like to stay up to date with current vehicles as this helps with my job.




Senior Inspector


I have been in the motor trade and related areas for about 40 years. I started out in Rhodesia and then moved to Australia in 1981. Half of these years have been spent doing vehicle inspections, the last ten of which have been at RAC. During this time I have been involved with most aspects of improving the processes and methods used in the inspection field. I am always looking for a better way to do my job. What’s more, I like what I do and look forward to doing it until retirement. In my time, I have also been involved in motorsport (both race and rally), rebuilding vintage cars, military service and several supervisory roles, always learning something new.


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Darryl , Fremantle
Thanks mate. Good job with the inspection - I was impressed with the thoroughness and have recommended you on to other mates. Cheers, Darryl
Tom , Bentley
Thanks Todd, Most helpful. Regards Tom
Emma , Bentley
Hi Todd Thanks so much for all of your help. We have been really pleased with your service and will be sure to recommend Autospections to friends and family. Regards Emma
Barbara , Fremantle
many thanks Todd for a great service. Barbara
Sam , Bentley
Thank you! :-) Sam
Paul , Coogee
Thanks Todd Appreciated Regards Paul
Bill , Ascot
Thanks again for a comprehensive report. Best Wishes Bill
Kathie , Perth
Dear Todd Thank you very much for such a prompt service. . Kind regards. Kathie
Pasha , North Perth
Hi Todd, Thanks very much for getting the report on the Mini to me so quickly, and the thoroughness of your inspection. Much appreciated. Regards Pasha
Anna , Rockingham
Thanks Todd That’s great. You have been really helpful. Cheers
Sam , Bunbury
thanks again todd for a job well done
Lathan , Cannington
Thanks Todd for your professional service. Regards Lathan

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't need an inspection because the vehicle has been over the pits and/or been relicensed. This is false as the licensing services inspection does not visually check many components on the vehicle. Also this inspection usually takes less than 30 minutes. Our Inspections can take as much as 3 hours and are significantly more thorough. We can also tell you if the vehicle has had any repairs to the body area and how well it has been done. The Salesman told me the car is still under new car warranty and an inspection is not needed. Again this is not the case. Certain components of a vehicle wear out over time and most of these are not covered under new car warranty. In some cases Vehicles will have their new car warranty voided due to accidents or damage and the majority of the time the dealers have not checked this. It is up to the purchaser to find this out for themselves. The Salesman told me I do not need an inspection because the car has a warranty, is this true? No. There are several types of warranty available depending on the age and kilometers travelled. In all cases they do not cover everything on the car. As soon as you leave the caryard there are certain problems that will not be covered under any warranty. You will be liable for them yourself and this could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Why should I get an Inspection? Our Inspection will help you know the vehicle you are purchasing. In our experience 95% of vehicles sold in WA are sold with faults. If you find out what these faults are before you make your purchase you may be able to bargain on the price or get the problems fixed before you take delivery of the vehicle. You may even decide not to purchase the vehicle at all.


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